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Our Top Flower + Garden Books for 2023

Whether you're a seasoned gardener, a budding floral designer, or someone eager to infuse their living space with the beauty of blooms, this list is designed just for you.

The Cut Flower Sourcebook
Rachel Siegfried Here on Amazon

Elevate your garden into a cut flower haven. This must-read guide focuses on perennial plants, offering insights on selection, planting, and care for an endless supply of beautiful blooms that will grace your home throughout the seasons.

A Guide to Floral Mechanics
Sarah Diligent and William Mazuch Here on their website

A book for professional flower designers. Uncover sustainable practices in an industry where flower mechanics can be toxic, and enhance your craft with innovative techniques.

From Seed to Bloom
Milli Proust Here on Amazon+
How to Grow the Flowers
Camila Romain and Marianne Mogendorff Here on Amazon

Two inspiring books on collecting seeds, nurturing soil, choosing the best flowers, and creating beautiful arrangements for sale. 

Cut Flower Garden
Erin Benzakein Here on Amazon

Embrace the wisdom of a flower farming pioneer. Floret's book is more than a guide—it's a companion for every aspiring flower grower, providing solutions to challenges and celebrating the joys of a successful harvest.

Planting the Natural Garden
Piet Oudolf and Henk Gerritsen Here on Amazon

An encyclopedia by renowned landscape designer Piet Oudolf, blending gardening and artistry for perennial plants. Gain a deeper understanding of plants' ecological roles while appreciating the beauty of a harmonious, sustainable landscape.

Resilient Garden
Tom Massey Here on Amazon

Challenge conventional gardening practices and explore alternative, resilient approaches. This thoughtful exploration emphasizes sustainability, inviting you to reflect on the impact of your choices when creating green spaces.

Modern Container Gardening
Isabelle Palmer Here on Amazon

Maximize your urban space with tips on selecting the best plants for balconies or terraces. This book breathes life and color into urban environments season after season.

The Lean Farm
Ben Hartman and Emma Gerigscott Here on Amazon

A professional-oriented book addressing every aspect of starting a small agriculture business with a lean approach for efficiency.

The Fine Art of Paper Flowers
Tiffanie Turner Here on Amazon

Luisa from Il Rigo suggested me this book when I started approaching paper flowers. Inspiring and comprehensive. I found it particularly helpful to learn basic techniques.

Bex Partridge Here on Amazon

Learn smart techniques for arranging dried flowers, making wreaths, and growing the best flowers for everlasting arrangements to bring nature's charm into your home.

Foraged Flora
Louesa Roebuck, Sarah Lonsdale and Laurie Frankel Here on Amazon

Immerse yourself in the art of foraging and floral design and get inspired by this book with exceptional, non-cliché photos. Explore unique and unconventional elements to incorporate into your floral arrangements.

Last but not least

Garden to Vase

Aesme Studio has launched a new online course with tons of information on how to grow flowers for your home. It offers a comprehensive inventory of plants, beautiful videos on garden tasks, and downloadable material.


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