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April - 5 seasonal flowers

Nature awakens, the bulbs that have been sleeping under the ground all winter wake up and show their wonderful colors. It is our favorite season.


One of the best known and most popular flowers. In our garden we grow unusual varieties, double-flowered, with jagged petals or particular colors. We grow our own supply, from harvest to vase in just few hours, and you will notice that they last a very long time in your home. Only one flower per bulb, which is why spring flowers are also the most expensive.

Narcissus | Daffodils

Two palettes, yellow or coral, white outer petals, the narcissus is a simple flower reminiscent of grandma's gardens. Some varieties are very fragrant and in combination with tulips they create magnificent bouquets for the first brides of the season.


We get lost in its thousand petals, available in many colors are a flower that immediately transmits joy to those who receive it.


With an unmistakable scent, even a single stem is quite scenographic that it can create an installation. We love this burgundy color!


Majestic, sinuous and fascinating, the fritillary persica is also known by the name of 'snake head' due to the movement of the stem when cut. We could spend days watching it moving. The stems have a height of more than a meter and are perfect for large compositions.


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