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July - 5 seasonal flowers

The garden blooms with bright colors! In the hottest month of the year we choose plants that need little water and that resist heat stroke. [from top-left]


It does not smell as the aromatic cousin but has a beautiful purple head, this variety gives a touch of color to all our summer bouquets.


Flowers or fireworks? An easy-to-grow weed, panicum adds a wow effect to any composition


Resistant to heat and drought, echinacea will be one of the queens of our garden in the forthcoming seasons. Available in a super-extensive color palette, we can't choose a favorite. It can be dried very easily to enjoy it forever.


Another perennial flower that resists drought very well. The plant grows significantly from year to year and with its variety of colors it is the perfect companion of echinacea, in the garden as in bouquets. Suitable to dry too.


Small cosy petals where pollinating insects hide, snapdragons bloom from June to September and despite their short pot life in the warmer months they are an excellent ally to give texture to compositions.


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