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May - 5 seasonal flowers

In May, perennials start flowering in the field together with annuals that love cool temperatures such as sweet peas or orlaya. Easy to grow, they require little water and care, giving great satisfaction both in the garden and in bouquets and arrangements. [from up-left]


The queen of May par excellence, perhaps the most loved flower. It blooms only a few weeks a year and is therefore perceived as even rarer. There are many varieties available, together with the classic double-flowered ones suitable for large arrangements, we love for bouquets the smaller ones with only one turn of petals.


Easy to grow perennial plant, products of iridescent pink and gray cluster flowers, perfect as filler in combination with seasonal flowers for a super wild look.

Sweet pea

One of the first flowers from seed to bloom in spring. We sow it in the middle of winter and it loves cool temperatures. From its climbing vines sprout small perfumed flowers. Some varieties / colors have such a strong scent that it is impossible to keep them indoors. It blooms for a few weeks and stops producing flowers as soon as the heat arrives. It does not have a long vase life (2/3 days) but it has a charm that cannot be given up for a romantic bridal bouquet.


One of the spring bulbous plants that blooms later. Its flowers gradually open from the bottom up, making it one of the most enduring cut flowers of the period. We love this small-flowered variety, perfect for giving height and movement to the bouquet.


Grown in almost all the gardens, the varieties we grow start flowering in April (with the small Allium Cowanii) until July (with the romantic Allium 'Summer Beauty'), in the midst of many varieties from the two-colored Allium Sphaerocephalon, to the small Allium Roseum that we often find spontaneous also on the edges of the roads to the sea and to the largest Allium Nigrum (photo above).


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