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5 secrets to take care of your posy

1. clean the jar

A vase that has already been used for other flowers contains bacteria that rotate the stems in the water

2. remove the leaves

In the end part of the stem, be careful that the leaves do not come into contact with water because they could accelerate the spread of bacteria

3. change the water and cut the stems

Every 2-3 days observe if the water in the pot has become muddy and change it with fresh water, at the same time cut the stems 2-3 cm obliquely, the flowers drink from the final part of the stem and the scarring process prevents the water absorption and therefore hydration

4. heat and fruit are enemies

Keep the flowers away from heat sources (heaters, direct sunlight, candles, etc) and from fruits whose gases accelerate the decomposition process

5. fresh is a friend

In the winter in the evening place the pot outside in a cool place sheltered from the wind, you will extend its life


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