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How to have a long lasting bouquet

Taking care of your RAW is easy! Follow three simple tips and enjoy longer the beauty of your flowers.

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1. Remove the outer petals

When you receive your RAW Bouquet you will notice smaller, green outer petals. We decided not to remove them because they serve as protection for the innermost petals during the journey. When you create your composition, gently remove them and your flowers will open beautifully.

2. Your flowers are thirsty

Your flowers are thirsty, cut the stem at an angle of 2 cm so that they can easily drink water. Remove all the leaves that may come into contact with water, because they can contribute to the spread of bacteria that ruin your flowers. Remember that flowers do not like direct light or heat sources. Continue to take care of your composition by changing the water and cutting the stems every 2 days.

3. Create your bouquet

Choose a vase and start creating your composition. Use the green branches to create the support base. Then place the larger flowers and continue enriching the composition with the smaller buds. Some flowers will wither before others, remove them and create a new composition! You can use the remaining flowers to fill several smaller vases and enrich your home of good vibes.


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