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3 curiosities about zinnias

Most of the cut flowers with the arrival of summer's heat begin to suffer and their pot life is shortened. The secret lies in choosing for our bunches only seasonal flowers, already used to the scorching sun on the ground, they have good resistance even in water. One of the first varieties that give us the first warm rays of June is the zinnia. A flower of a thousand colors and shapes, brings joy and good vibes to our bouquets.

1. From the vibrant Mexico

Zinnia is native to Mexico and Central America. His name is a tribute to the German physician and botanist Johann Gottfried Zinn who studies and imports the first specimens in Europe in the second half of the eighteenth century.

2. Don't get scared for heat

Zinnia is an easy plant to grow. It is, in fact, a very strong plant that does not require specific care and has no special needs. This plant loves the heat, the sun and bears well even the torrid Mediterranean summer, which is why its cut flowers are also considered very resistant even in periods of high temperatures.

3. Symbolizes simplicity, tenacity and good humor

Despite the exuberant beauty of its flowers it is an undemanding plant, which is why in the language of flowers it has the meanings of simplicity and tenacity. The zinnia flower’s message is that setbacks are only temporary, the heat of the moment will pass, and you will be able to move graciously through any obstacles to get to your goal. Zinnia is a source of good humor and joy. Useful for people who are agitated, hypersensitive or in need of laughing, this brightly colored flower with a simple shape puts people in touch with their inner child: lightness, happiness, the ability to always laugh, even of themselves.


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