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Cardiospermum halicacabum


The seeds in your order are from a plant that you can grow on your balcony in the city or plant in the garden.  


Full sun, flowering from July - August, climbing.

1. Sow in small pots if you want to transplant them in the garden or sow one seed per pot (diameter 15/18 cm or 10/12 distance in the long boxes) if you want to make them bloom on the balcony.

2. Cover the seed with a thin (10mm) layer of potting soil and wet the soil.

3. Germination takes 10/20 days, in this period be careful not to leave the soil dry.

4. When the first leaves begin to show, you can use a fertilizer to make your plant flourish.

If you want to transplant them in the garden this is the moment, distance the seedlings of 15 cm.

5. As it grows, try to give support for climbing.

6. If protected during the colder months it is a perennial plant, otherwise collecting the seeds that hide in the lanterns is very simple and you can start a great production!

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