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tricks to take care of your DRY

After the trip

If your DRY bouquet has arrived via courier, remove it from the box and check that the stems are dry and stiff. If it has traveled on rainy days, the humidity could cause the stems to become soft and bend, in this case, before placing it in a vase, we advise you to hang it upside down in a dry place for a couple of days.


Give your DRY Bouquet space to shine

DRY bouquets are packed tightly tied so that the stems do not get damaged in transit. Slightly loosen the tie that binds it and gently open the stems to give your bouquet room to shine. If the vase you have chosen has a narrow neck, you can completely untie the bouquet and place it in the vase.

Gently open the paper flower petals with your hands.

They don't need water

Dried and paper flowers need very little care, do not put them in water otherwise you risk rotting the stem.

Protected from direct light

Dried flowers change color over time, direct sunlight accelerates natural discoloration. Paper flowers may fade or yellow in direct sunlight.


Away from moisture

A particularly humid place (like a bathroom for example) can make the stems softer and bend them, changing the shape of your bouquet.

Quality assurance

Which petal may have come off during the journey, don't worry we always expect extra stems when we create the bouquet. If the bouquet arrives very damaged, take photos of the package and send them to us within 24 hours of arrival, we will send you a new bouquet or refund the order.

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