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peonies of the week ..

***SPECIAL CARE***Some flowers may have more difficulty opening, if after 2/3 days from when you receive them, you see they do not bloom and the bud has a sticky patina, gently open the outer petals to help the flower shine

Sarah Bernhardt, named after the famous 19th century actress. It is a cultivar of Paeonia lactiflora introduced by Lemoine in 1906.


From the herbaceous peony family, it produces large pink and fragrant flowers, around mid-late May, in very luxuriant bushes.

It is among the most popular cut peonies due to its very long life in the vase. If you change the water and cut the stem regularly you will see it bloom for up to 10 days

Duchesse de Nemoursit is one of the cut peonies with the most intense perfume.


Candid white petals that you will see it blossom a few hours after arriving in your vase.


The white petals can be more delicate and get stained if in contact with hands/rain etc. 

Average vase life, 3/4 days from when it flowers.

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