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Why to send flowers in a box

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I created RAW Fleurs because having a bouquet of flowers at home gives me immense joy and serenity. When I was working 9 to 7 it was impossible for me to go to the florist during the week and the different flower delivery I tried had packaging that was unwieldy to be taken home using public transportations. After having attended a flower workshop, I realized how easy and gratifying it was to create your own bouquet in line with the style and size of the chosen vase, when having selected by a flower designer all the ingredients. I then started buying flowers in bud and from there came another idea, the flowers we buy from the florist are often already at the end of their life cycle and when we bring them home they last a few days. To receive the flowers in bud instead, gives us the possibility to see them bloom and at the right conditions last even more than 10 days! From the combination of these three experiences RAW Fleurs was born, to give everyone a positive energy and the possibility to create their own bouquet of fresh flowers.

The dimensions and design of the box allow the transport of flowers without damaging them. The instructions inside suggest how to create your own composition in a few minutes, (but throw them away and give vent to your creativity!). When the flowers arrive they are in bud, only after a couple of days your bouquet will start to become full and colored.

When I created the first box, at the time of the opening I got excited, because you have the feeling of receiving a precious gift with every detail carefully designed. Whether it was given to you by someone special or a gift to yourself, I hope a RAW Bouquet can excite you too.

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