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How to create a flower crown

Wearing a crown of fresh flowers immediately brings us a breath of joy and happiness. It is not necessary to have a special occasion to show it off, if made with small and discreet flowers it can be a wonderful headband to match our outfit. In the spring RAW Boxes you will always find a few stems that can be used to create a magnificent crown!

How to create a flower crown diy

1. Find the ingredients

Let's start with the ingredients needed to create our crown: - two or three varieties of fresh flowers, a couple of stems are enough for each one, I like to put also some green foliage to give it the semblance of a bouquet but you can choose to do it only with flowers; - metal wire covered in paper ten centimeters longer than the circumference of the head; - florist's ribbon; - iron wire; - scissors with a sharp blade; - satin ribbon to close the crown. All the material can be found in well-stocked gardening stores.

diy flower crown workshop

2. Create flowers posies

Create small bunches of four or five flowers and tie the composition with the florist's ribbon. I chose to have different design of bunches, so I took the three types of flowers and greens I selected and I mixed them together in a non-homogeneous way. In this way my crown will have movement and will not be symmetrical. If you prefer symmetry instead, create same-style posies! For a circle I created eight posies, for a full lenght crown double them.

diy flower crown workshop

3. Create and compose

I take the wire that I previously measured and start applying the posies. I start from about 1/4 of the wire to create a half crown. I place the first bundle and with the help of the wire I hold it tightly to the wire. Continue with the same procedure for each bundle, placing them all in the same direction and adding wire when finished. There is no rule so give free rein to your creativity in placing bouquets!

diy flower crown workshop

4. Et Voilà

Create two eyelets at the ends of the metal wire and pass the tape you will need to adjust the crown on your head. Et Voilà, the crown is created! The crown is made of fresh flowers so it will have a short life. To conserve it for a couple of days close it in a plastic bag and place it in the refrigerator.

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