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How to arrange your RAW Bouquet

Have you received a RAW bouquet and now you don't know what to do? Don't worry, creating your RAW is very simple! Find out how to be a professional florist, relax and enjoy the joy of creating your own bouquet!

1. Choose a vase

The first step is to choose a vase. We advise you to prefer vases with narrow necks, so that your flowers can have the right support, but with space for ventilation. Clean the jar thoroughly, so that there is no proliferation of bacteria and your bouquet can last longer.

2. Discover your RAW Bouquet

Don't leave the flowers in the RAW Box, you need to see them in order to unleash your creativity! Lay them out on a table and sort them by type.

3. Remove leaves and extend the life of your bouquet

We deliver the partially cleaned stems. Remove the leaves that could come into contact with water, it extends the life of your bouquet and limits the spread of harmful bacteria.

4. Cut the stems to let your flowers drink

You will notice that the tip of the stems is as if it had healed, this does not allow the flowers to quench their thirst and will make them last less long. Cut the stems 2 cm horizontally and repeat this process every two days, always refreshing the water too.

5. Choose your point of view

Before starting to create your composition, think about where you would like to put it. For a bouquet that will go against a wall, choose a side and position the stems only from this angle. If your bouquet is in the middle of a table, try to balance the flowers all around.

6. Create your bouquet

Start by placing the green that will serve as a support structure for the flowers. Continue enriching your composition with larger flowers and end with smaller ones. Cut some stems shorter than the others and create levels to give movement to your composition.

7. Give your flowers space to shine

We send you the flowers in bud, to guarantee a longer life. But we don't want your flowers to hide behind one another, so you'll have to leave the flowers the space they need to bloom.

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