• Martina

Choose the perfect vase to let your stems shine and live longer

We deliver flowers in bud as a guarantee of freshness and long vase life. The choice of the vase is fundamental to allow them to have enough water and space to show all their beauty.

fresh flowers vase delivery in milan

When you receive your flowers they are thirsty, cut them of 2/3 cm and put them in abundant fresh water. In this phase a transparent and wide-necked vase allows you to check the water turbidity and leave the space for the buds to shine at the opening. After a couple of days all the flowers will have blossomed, this allows you to have a clear idea of ​​their size and to place them in a smaller vase with a medium neck. Some flowers fade before the others and you will have to remove them from the composition. Have fun creating new combinations, you'll feel like you have a different bouquet of flowers at home! After 7-10 days the most lasting flowers and greens will still be radiant, use posy vase with a narrow neck to create pretty little posies and decorate the precious corners of your home with perfume and color. Remember to change the water every three days and cut the stems an inch so that they can hydrate better and last longer.