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3 curiosities about tulips

The tulip season has arrived! There are many reasons why we are in love with these flowers, simple and elegant, that never cease to give us a smile.

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1. Not from Holland

The tulip was introduced to Europe during the Ottoman Empire, when the royal ambassador to the sultan's court Suleiman the Magnificent sent some bulbs to the person in charge of the Dutch royal gardens. They quickly became a luxury commodity and a status symbol among members of the middle class, competing to have the rarest ones. The climax came in 1623 when their value was comparable to that of land, livestock and houses. Even in Britain and France the tulip became a symbol of wealth. During the reign of Louis XIV, the Sun King, the court ladies used to use tulips to adorn their low-cut dresses. The word "tulip" would come from the Turkish "tuliband", referring to the muslin turbans that resemble flowering tulip flowers.

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2. Tulip salad

Tulips are not only beautiful, some varieties are edible! It seems that their taste is delicious and that it is close to that of lettuce with a spicy touch. Some bulbs can also be used as onion substitutes in many recipes. In some areas of Japan, however, the bulbs are dried and ground into flour.

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3. Say it with tulips!

There are about 3000 registered varieties of tulips and for this reason they are the perfect flower to express emotions without having to use words. In general, tulips are synonymous with spring and love. In Persian tradition the red tulips are considered flames of passion and are perfect to give to the beloved. In "The Thousand and One Nights" the tulip is associated with love: according to the stories, in fact, the sultan dropped a red tulip at the feet of one of the women in the harem to indicate which was the chosen one. The mottled tulip is characterized by shades of bright colors that reflect the shine of the eyes of those who receive this gift, sweet and graceful. Do you have something to make you forgive? Donate a bouquet of white tulips, symbol of sincere apology and peace, to sanction a new beginning. The orange and yellow colors represent energy, enthusiasm and zest for life. And the other colors? Tulips are perfect for smiling, on any occasion!

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