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3 curiosities about dahlias

Dahlias for me are a flower of beginnings. They bloom at the end of the summer, just in time to give us the right charge to start a new working year with beauty and joy. Although it is a flower that does not have a long vase life, we cannot avoid featuring it into our bouquets that begin to wink at autumn and its colors.

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1. From Mexico

Dahlias is a flower that came from Mexico, where it has been used since the times of the Aztecs both to decorate royal palaces and sacred places as well as used as food and medicine. Around the 18th century the bulbs were imported to Europe by the director of the Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid. It is said that these had not arrived for decorative purposes but with the aim of finding a valid replacement for potatoes. From that moment its beauty has spread around the world and more than 20,000 varieties have been created.

2. Thousands of colors and shapes to bring joy to every occasion

Dahlias bloom from June to October and it is widely used in wedding arrangements, which have helped to increase its popularity in recent years. Very small or very large and available in infinite shades of color, it is a versatile flower in any bouquet, which is why it is much loved by flower farmers!

Floret Flowers

3. Not just love

In the language of flowers, dahlia is a symbol of great admiration and esteem. It can also be gifted to express gratitude and affection. Its elegant shape conveys joy, optimism and freedom.

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